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Manufacturing the best in Lumber Tools since 1895


Manufacturing the Standard in Tools and Supplies for the Lumber Industry Since 1895

Conway Cleveland Corporation has provided continuous service of quality lumber yard and lumber grading supplies to the lumber industry for more than 122 years. Along with our fine lumber and log scaling rules, which have become the industry's standard of excellence over the years, we also offer tally sheets and books, marking supplies, metric rules, leather aprons, end coatings, kiln instruments, sample ovens and wood stabilizers. 

We appreciate the opportunity to supply your needs, and pride ourselves on courteous customer service and quick shipment of your orders. Please contact us if you have a special need, requirement, or question. We will do our best to keep you satisfied.  Thank you for your continued business. 




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Lumber Rules

The Conway-Cleveland lumber scaling rules are used to measure the board feet content of sawn lumber. They are the product of many years of experience. Through constant improvement, they have come to be preferred by nearly all lumber inspectors everywhere.

Log Rules

Log rules are used to determine the lumber content of felled logs. Fine hickory and walnut construction with stainless steel oval head. Sharp black figures protected by polyurethane.

Marking Equipment & Supplies

The world’s standard for permanent marking. These crayons last 10 times longer than ordinary molded wax or chalk crayons. Extruded under pressure, they are strong and consistent. Mark lumber, logs, cants, and bundles with ease. 

Humidity, Temperature, and Kiln Supplies

Red reading thermometer with wick and tables.

Wicks for dry kiln wet bulb handcrafted from extra fine wicking material.

Duroseal to protect against moisture loss.

Mill Supplies

Our patented system of measuring lumber using multiple fixed position rules, one for each foot of board length. 

Genuine leather bound tally books designed to hold the standard 4” x 8” tally sheets.  

Leather Aprons & Cant hooks

Our leather apron material is carefully prepared with the lumber handler in mind. Each leather weight has a specific purpose. We cut the heavy duty apron from 4 to 4.5oz. tanned cow hide. The extra heavy duty is cut from 7 to 8 oz. full grain cow hides. 


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