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About Nelsonite


What is nelsonite?

Nelsonite is a highly effective stabilizing agent engineered to combat common problems in the wood products industry. Although nature provides us with a wonderful construction material having outstanding properties of strength, warmth and beauty, wood also has many short comings associated with dimensional instability, workability and uniformity. Nelsonite works to correct and prevent these undesirable characteristics.

How does nelsonite work?

It penetrates deeply into the woods structure and lines the cell walls. It is generally applied with a dipping or spraying operation. Upon curing, it blocks rapid moisture content changes that often result in wood defects such as warp, cracks, shrinkage and swelling.

why do i need to apply nelsonite?

All wood products expand and contract based on the relative humidity. This causes great stress to develop within the wood fiber. These stresses make themselves known to us in the form of splits and checks, warp, twist and bow. Expansion can cause buckle and jamming problems, doors that won't fit, shrinkage lines in stained paneled doors, cracked drawer fronts, crooked dimensional products, and broken glue joints are just a few. Nelsonite helps control these problems by retarding the movement of moisture in or out of the wood. Control your manufacturing defects both in production and in the field.